Of Passports + Paperwork


Things are moving right along as we prepare to depart for the great unknown! First, THANKFULLY my passport was approved and sent to me Friday! This is quite the relief for 2 reasons. 

1) I was told my picture might not be right (too small and showing teeth). So, for anyone going to get a passport…make sure you take the right picture. I did show teeth and my face was juuust right…but better safe than returned!

2) If the passport was delayed and I had to resubmit my packet, it would delay my visa. I have slight heart palpitations at the thought of my visa not working out! There is no reason it shouldn’t…but you know.

Saturday dawned a very busy day-I sent off my packet to NIS (my school) at the post office. Visa application, health insurance application, passport info, doctor release…all kinds of things. If you plan on sending things international…prepare yourself. It was quite the ordeal! At least to me since it had all my identity stuffs. :/

Then, we started prepping to put our house on the market. I decided to tile my bathtub area…so got the stuff and got it done. Looks great! Cleaned, rearranged, took down personal photos, etc. 

Sunday the Realtor came out to take photos and sign our life away in the form of 6%. House officially went on the market yesterday. I suppose it’s not a bad sign that the for sale sign fell down today??? 🙂 Just kidding! It was windy ya’ll!

We also confirmed flight arrangements. The headmaster’s secretary will confirm booking, but it looks like our itinerary is:

August 2: Going away party

August 4: Fly to Chicago, arrive at 1:30 PM. Stay overnight, visit family and friends who can’t make it to party.

August 5: Leave Chicago for Tokyo around 11:00 am.

August 6: Arrive in Tokyo around 4 pm, change planes for Nagoya and arrive by 6:30 pm or so.

Now, that is for real.

Note to self…the extremely long flight is daunting at best. I have only flown 8 hrs before to Paris…that was pretty bad. So, we thought to upgrade. FYI, on the flight we are taking (ANA airlines)-the business seat/sleep area for 2 people would cost us $30,000. ONE WAY. Yes, you read that right people. 30 grand to fly one way with a quasi-bed. Now, that comes with caviar, lobster tail, and other good eats. Plus hanging room for jackets, plug ins for electronics, bed…the works. Certainly not in this lifetime!

So the business class came next…slightly less than everything above…for $15,000.

Premium Economy…again, less than above…for $7.000 or so.

Then there is us…regular ol economy. Guess we will slum it out in the back!

It’s been pretty quiet so far this week otherwise. I started Japanese last week. I FREAKED out at first because it started talking and I had to repeat…but everything was in kangi…I finally figured out how to switch it to ABC but heart attack. I thought I was screwed! Learning some very strange words that I am not altogether sure I will ever remember. What I can recall thus far is this:

otokonoko- some form of boy (this seems to be on repeat in my head. I guess it’s fun to say!)
shinbun (sheen-bun)-newspaper
g……y…u? Milk. I can hear it…but so cannot pronounce it. Yet

Happy Tuesday, almost Wednesday…WELL, it IS wednesday in Japan already. It’s 11:00 AM and 63 degrees. 111 days to go.



K & P 


It’s HERE!

This is the message and picture I got from Paul today while on my way home from a very rainy day of work. I knew exactly what he meant…the IT. 

My paperwork from Japan. I have to be honest…I kind of just stared at the package before hugging it and running upstairs like a child on Christmas morning. I am not sure if that’s charming…or pathetic 🙂

I will go with charming! My packet included a letter from the headmaster’s secretary, my contract, our visa applications, heath insurance information and profile sheet, and something about a physical (yuck). Those are the official items. 

She also included a Nagoya InfoGuide, March and April’s Nagoya International Community Center Calendar…which is a monthly published magazine with local events, articles, coupons, community bulletin boards, tips, etc. 

I also got the NIS (Nagoya International School–please just memorize NIS…) Connections quarter magazine that has load of information for alumni, supporters, and parents…it gives a great snapshot to last spring and this past winter. 

What started out as a dismal rainy Monday…ended much brighter! The yummy fruit sangria I made might have also helped 🙂

Oh, and I learned some new words this weekend. 

Hai means yes…
Arigatō means thank you…

Come on Rosetta Stone…ready to get this started!ImageImageImage


“Follow your dreams. I am not saying it’s going to be easy, but I am saying it’s going to be worth it.”
– Moffat Machingura

“There comes a time when one must risk everything or sit forever with ones dreams.”


What’s the common theme?


What Nouns do you see? (it’s not a person…or a place…more a quality or idea)

Risk, courage, fear

These nouns are on my mind this week as I take a huge risk…build up my courage, and face the oncoming fears…of moving to Japan. 

You heard me right…I am finally following my DREAM and going to teach at an International IB school in Nagoya, Japan. 

There is so much to do; to plan; to see to…but come August, we make our transition. The next few months will be filled with emotion as I plan my goodbyes with family, friends, and my home of 7 years (Norton Park). 

I hope to give myself and my family/friends a piece of me and my mind through this blog…those who know me know I love to talk…but I am realllly bad at remembering to blog. I have tried it before. So goal #1. Make blogging a habit. I want to journal my adventures, misadventures, trials, and everything in between–both for myself, and all of you! 

Wish us luck, keep your fingers crossed…send lots of LOVE and HUGS and GOOD VIBES…and who knows…I might bring you something really neat from my travels 🙂

Kelli (and Paul, sometimes)