It’s HERE!

This is the message and picture I got from Paul today while on my way home from a very rainy day of work. I knew exactly what he meant…the IT. 

My paperwork from Japan. I have to be honest…I kind of just stared at the package before hugging it and running upstairs like a child on Christmas morning. I am not sure if that’s charming…or pathetic 🙂

I will go with charming! My packet included a letter from the headmaster’s secretary, my contract, our visa applications, heath insurance information and profile sheet, and something about a physical (yuck). Those are the official items. 

She also included a Nagoya InfoGuide, March and April’s Nagoya International Community Center Calendar…which is a monthly published magazine with local events, articles, coupons, community bulletin boards, tips, etc. 

I also got the NIS (Nagoya International School–please just memorize NIS…) Connections quarter magazine that has load of information for alumni, supporters, and parents…it gives a great snapshot to last spring and this past winter. 

What started out as a dismal rainy Monday…ended much brighter! The yummy fruit sangria I made might have also helped 🙂

Oh, and I learned some new words this weekend. 

Hai means yes…
Arigatō means thank you…

Come on Rosetta Stone…ready to get this started!ImageImageImage



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