Buying & Selling


I FINALLY found out our apartment in Nagoya!!! I was teased a bit when the email came out…it said the building name/number of where we would be and who was currently in it. That’s it! Of course, I couldn’t just google the name of the apartment complex. It doesn’t work that way! 

So I emailed the man living there now and waited ‘patiently’ (ya right, ask Paul about that one!) for him to email me back. I got the full address, and some basic info. I asked for pictures, and he was good to get them to me within 24 hours…I figured, he figured, I would flood him with emails if he didn’t respond quickly!! What gives him that idea??

Paul and I are pleased with our place! His pictures were a little messy, but that’s ok, they are packing. I am not sure what furniture the school is providing us. It could be the same stuff he has, or they could put different stuff in. I finally can see if the stuff I have purchased from other teachers leaving NIS will fit/look good. And they will! 

This weekend we held a 3-day garage sale. Posted stuff online too. Sold ALL of the furniture we were getting rid of bc of online garage sales. Do it people, WOW! 

So glad we decided to sell on Friday…today, Sunday was dead! Maybe had 4 people. But overall, we sold a LOT. Almost everything had hoped. There are still some things I have. Probably go to goodwill (tax credit!). 

I even sold my car!! We still have to do the transaction…but it’s done. It’s kind of sad. I have been wanting to sell my car for a while, to get a mini cooper (of course!) but this obviously feels different. Probably because we will only have one car…that’s weird! I have to take off the stickers…I should have a funeral for those. 

The Hogwarts Express will be no more this week. 😦 Although I must give props to the young man for whom the car is being purchased…he knew I was a potter fan by the deathly hallows sticker on my side window. That’s how I know he was a true fan too. Not just anyone knows THAT symbol! Hoggy is in good hands. 

Still no word on the house. Looking into another Realtor maybe.

My flight is confirmed!! So awesome! We are leaving a day early, but here is the itinerary… 

August 2-Going away party
August 3- 10 am-leave for Chicago
August 4- 10 am-leave for Tokyo!
August 5- 4 pm-arrive in Tokyo (12 hour 55 min flight folks)
August 5- 6 pm- via connecting flight, arrive in Nagoya 

Matthew, my headmaster, will pick us up and take us home. Our fridge will be stocked with basics, a car (not sure which one yet) will be waiting in the driveway, and we get some cash to get us going until payday (Aug. 20). 

Someone will come out the next day and give us a full orientation of our neighborhood and how to work the appliances in our apartment. 

The last piece to that puzzle…is finding out our ride! Sooooon I hope. 

Here are some things I have bought for our home in Nagoya: 
-Ikea like leather chair with foot stool
-a small dryer (they don’t come standard in homes!) 
-coffee pot (thank the good Lord!)
-blender and food processor
-down comforter 
-2 free end tables/night stands
-2 small bookshelves, and 2 plastic storage bins
-2 mirrors
-iron/ironing board
-and I think something else or two…I can’t remember! 

Without further ado…here is our new address (note: I am sending it two ways-one with a description of what each part of the address means, then the full address for mailing)

                         Reconter Casa (building name) #102 (apartment number) Kikko 2-601 (the name of the area and block number)                                        Moriyama-ku (the city area)  Nagoya.

Reconter Casa #102, Kikko 2-601, Moriyama-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 463-0004

I don’t think I will EVER have that memorized. I wonder…do I need to put Japan anywhere? LOL. 


Ok, pictures acting up. Will post on second post. 

For now, 





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