#45 days


AS July looms closer, I realize my weeks until departure are numbered. June has been very busy, but overall going slowly. July will come screaming into existence with vacations and last minute details. I know 45 days will fly by-even if I sit here thinking it’s slow!

I have gotten in touch with several people who I will be working with at NIS-and in some cases, living next door! I love that facebook is able to connect us-yes, we email too, but that’s not the same. By the time we all officially meet in August, I feel like I will have some friends already. Even though Paul and I are going together, which I am so blessed and thankful for, it’s important-the friendships. My new neighbors have been very helpful and I am hopeful of a great relationship there. I also have gotten to know my classroom neighbor, who will be teaching grade 2 as well. I think we will get along just fine-and I am really looking forward to working with her! Her roommate will be a TA for both of our rooms, and though I haven’t spoken with her as much, she seems nice! 

I have also chatted with someone who is currently teaching in London-I can’t wait to really sit down with her!! *wink, wink* Most of you know why…England after all is my goal! One day! Speaking of one day…I have to mention something I came across as I was packing up my classroom-I can’t believe I forgot to mention it before. 

Two years ago during pre-planning we did an activity- I think it had a cute name, but I don’t remember. Anyway-we were to write 3 words of motivation/inspiration for the year. We all got paper/markers and spent time decorating and reflecting. We shared a few, and I found mine attached to my bookshelf. 

                                         ¨It Will Happen¨—it was of course drawn over a British flag, but the message was clear. One day, it will happen. I will teach overseas. I will get in international teaching job. I will travel the world. It will happen, in 45 days. 🙂 

I practiced packing this week-amazingly I fit all, and I mean ALL of my clothes into two suitcases! Holly cow-I was shocked. Using 2-gallon zip-lock bags to roll small things into-and realllly squeezing out the air has worked great. I also roll everything…if you have never been told that, hear this now. To save space in your luggage, do not fold clothes. Roll them tightly…this also helps prevent wrinkling…who would have thought!? I still have an empty suitcase-the big bag is close to 50 lbs…and the medium is about 20 lbs. Plus, we were told to keep some essentials in a carry-on bag because they will arrange to have our luggage delivered the next day since they are picking up more than one new teacher at a time. Works for me! I will probably still ship at least one box-just a few things to bring with to make home feel like…home. 

I can’t believe I got rid of enough clothes to fit in these two bags…did I mention that the smaller has only shoes, scarves, and toiletries? 🙂 




Still waiting to hear about Visa/car. I hate waiting! On the bright side, I was asked to advise the National Honor Society! I am really excited about that for many reasons!

1. I get to work with motivated high school students! I have always wanted to work with high school kids, but didn’t want to teach them. So this is great! 
2. It feels like my gifted experience meets my sorority experience. Reading over the new adviser packet brought back memories of when I was active Phi Mu (I head a lot of positions) and when I graduated and advised our chapter. It’s so very similar to NHS and what they stand for, how they run, etc. 
3. I am excited about our local charity work…they have supported the local orphanage for a while-so working with the students as they develop fundraisers and activities for the kids will be amazing to watch and help with. 
So…we will get up and running pretty quick when I arrive…the current president has already reached out! I like her already 🙂


I asked the housing coordinator for a floor plan to get sizes…and it came with pictures! The closets are bigger than I expected-even though the kitchen is tiny. I love to cook, and I am used to space. I will learn a lot about myself in this tiny kitchen I am sure. And I am kind of excited about it! The largest space is the LDK-livingroom, diningroom, kitchen. All one space. Then there are two bedrooms and a bathroom. I can’t wait to get in there and decorate. I miss that about moving…starting a new place 🙂 


I hope the link works 🙂

Learn Japanese

doko ni sunde imasuka-Where do you live? 

   you can respond in two ways: country or house/apartment
watashi wa amerika ni sunde imasu-I live in America
watashi wa apaato no ichi zero ni-I live in apartment 102 (which is true- I think I typed this right)
ogenki desuka?-how are you
genki desu-I am fine

And finally, if you meet someone new…this can happen 🙂

konnichiwa, onamae wa?-hello, what is your name?
Kelli desu
douzo yoroshiku-nice to meet you (or something cordial like that)

So, that’s all for now!


Kelli + Paul



My sweet boy, London, saying he will be spending quality time with his grandparents in Charleston-Yay for them sad for me.



Birthday dinner with my mum! Happy 60th!



  1. Awwww thanks for the shout out 🙂 I have a feeling we will work so well together, I love your positive attitude! You’ve already been so helpful and I can’t wait to be 2nd grade neighbors!!! I also want to travel the world teaching (even though my mom doesn’t like to hear that haha)! 45 DAYS WOOOOO!


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