How come they don’t take Master Card?



So that is what Paul said as we finished filling out forms at the Japanese Consulate today. Why do you ask…?

Exactly, why even ask? It’s Paul! It’s one of the many qualities I find so endearing…his ability to make me laugh, smirk, slap him upside the head (shhh, that’s my favorite), and roll my eyes. I think I actually did ALL of those at some point today. 🙂

Really though, the window had a large sign reading “VISA” and another window said “passports”…you can figure out the punchline.

Today was a rather busy day. We shipped a box of school supplies today! Things I don’t have to have, but stuff I like for my desk. The little things from Norton Park and my friends from work, past students…just, stuff. It was exciting to ship our first package of belongings. I might have to send another…

We also had to pick up a package sent from NIS containing our CTE, or certificate of eligibility. The secretary (who is amazingly efficient) of our headmaster prepared the visa application (that I turn in with the CTE) almost completely…which was nice. We turned in our passports and paperwork and after an initial review said my visa would be ready for pick up on Tuesday! Can you believe it????

Tomorrow, or today, or whenever you see this…JULY 3 is officially the marker of 30 days until we leave! Luckily July is busy -beach trip with my family, visiting Paul’s family, two going away shin digs (thanks to my dearest friends from Norton Park and my aunts, mom, sister and mom in law for the other).

I don’t know if I mentioned last time, but we have settled on a car! You can’t wait to hear what kind of car we have right??





Well, so would we! HA! I have no idea what kind of car we will have…what color, what model…hopefully it’s AUTOMATIC!!!! Yikes! I am so scared it’s a stick. Not only would I have to learn to drive on the right side of the car, but the left side of the road, and shifting with my left hand!? Whaat? That’s crazy. Good lord don’t let me kill myself! I was also wondering…are the pedals revered if it’s on the right side? Maybe videos are in order!!

Mom wanted a picture of me at the consulate. I was expecting a whole lot of, well, Japanese stuff. But, there was this nice flag, and a security office that said, “Don’t let the ceiling camera get in your picture.” Ooooo-kkkkay. No problem.

Nippon 日本

Nippon 日本

So last night we went out for sushi. Now, I know it’s nothing like what we will have in Japan…but it was certainly worth some exploration. Paul of course only finds places with stellar reviews, so Vinings won the competition. It was a quaint little place, very authentic actually. We ordered sake (which Paul likes warm, me…not sure) and split a sampler-California roll, shrimp tempura, and salmon roll.

That came with a salad with an amazing ginger dressing, and miso soup. We shared, and I particularly liked the soup. I even slurped it! We also ordered shrimp dumplings…handmade and so good.

I of course favored the shrimp tempura roll, liked the california (not fried) ok, and HATED the salmon roll. I have never liked salmon anyway…so there. Paul made me try it…and he took a wonderful picture, capturing the very moment I realized that I still hated salmon. HA. It’s great!

Salmon rolls=yuck! 寿司

Salmon rolls=yuck! 寿司

Good experience overall…can’t wait to try it for real! (Ok, I am kind of lying…but I like the atmosphere and I feel really sophisticated and cool eating it).

I am mostly looking forward to noodle dishes and signature Nagoya dishes. Luckily, all of their signature dishes for the region are either vegetable or pork. No crazy fish heads…yet.

I am so excited for the last #30 count down. I am not thinking about what that really  means…the goodbyes…see you soons…can’t just yet. Kittens, bunnies and sunshine (well, apparently no sunshine…stupid raining on my pool days)!

For now…



  1. Personally, I love the unagi sushi (it is cooked). I am so excited for you! You will have to post the pictures of a cherry festival and all the beautiful gardens when you go! I can’t imagine not seeing you at NPK, but I can’t imagine Lexi not being there either. This year will be such a change. We will miss you both! I hope to see you before you leave!

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