We are at the 25 day mark!

Not a lot going on in information from the school, but a lot of prepping still happening! We picked up our Visas yesterday-they are in the back of our passport. Very pretty too I might add!



Covered those important numbers 🙂 I think we look like puppets or something!

We move out officially on Friday…since we have a 3-way house swap going on and lots of vacations, this was the best time. So, after Friday, I will be living with my mummy and daddy again until we leave. I’m actually excited about that. I spend some good time with them…and not drive an hour to make it happen!

We will be spending a week at the beach in Florida with my family-and Paul is taking me to Orlando (2 hr drive from where we will be) for the new HP park!!! I am sooo excited..I didn’t think I would make it there before we left!

From FL we are driving to Charleston to visit family out there for a week! My former (eeek) co-workers are throwing me a party on the 24th! I can’t wait to see them! I will miss them all so much. 7 years!! Those ladies are incredible friends.

Speaking of friends, I have found a lot of people at my new school on FB-and we have been chatting regularly. So between the new people going to Japan…and those already there, I have some new friends that I can’t wait to meet in person! Geez, I love technology!

For those wondering, I think we close on July 30. If not, then mom will have to take over when we leave (she’s our official Power of Attorney…anything we can do…she can do)! We found a lovely family to move in and I hope it all works out.

Now, for your dose of Japanese lessons!
I found out the difference between kanji, hirigana, and katakana. And here I thought I was doing so well! I started memorizing characters of the words I was learning…then realized it didn’t match when I looked up the word. So, I realize that Hirigana/Katakana are the pronunciations of the words. One set for “Japanese” based words, and one set for “words from other languages.” So, once you learn to pronounce the word, it’s written in Kanji…the characters taken from the Chinese. I am so not there yet. But anyway-new phrases!

Days of the Week
Japanese days of the week
You see the difference? Kanji are the characters taken from Chinese…Hiragana-Japan’s alphabet. The Romaji (Roman) is the “ABC” version.

Eigo o hanashimasu ka= DO you speak Enlgish?

Watashi wa Amerika kara kimashitashi, watashi wa eigo o hanasu=I am from America and I speak English. (I think I did this right)
Of course even though I might say that correctly…and possibly understand it if someone else says it…this is what it looks like in kanji/hiragana


Right, good luck with that!

Anyway, that's it for now!


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