It’s July-means almost time!


14 days left means vacations have started and the big move completed. Well, not the BIG move…but the move into my parent’s house 🙂

Last week we moved houses-got our bedroom set up and the forwarding of email to my parents. We headed out Saturday for a week in Anna Maria Island (near Sarasota/St. Pete area) with my family. We stayed in a great house with a backyard pool-which for me is key while at the beach! I love looking at it, walking in it, listening to it…but I really hate sitting at the beach all day.

On our way to FL we stopped by my amazing friend’s house who has an internship in Gainsville at the vet school for the summer. Laura and I have been friends since middle school-she means the world to me and I will miss her terribly-even though we only see each other maybe once a year. She fixed an amazing Thai curry dinner and we chatted over wine for 2 hrs. I haven’t really ever stopped while driving toward a vacation destination…but it was a lot of fun, and very spontaneous. I like spontaneity! We finally left and made it to the beach house around 2:30 am.



The week was spent trying new beer (Cycle Brew), HARRY POTTER, beach time, pool time, storms, fishing, and amazing (ly expensive) food.

Soo…Harry Potter…I could make my own post, just for HP, and never stop. But I will keep this one pretty short. HP was so amazing-I had a difficult time really absorbing what I was seeing. JKR put so much into the park-more than I can put into words. To tell my quick story I will post pictures. It was hot, but we chose a good day to go…storms were brewing and the rain helped cool things off…plus helped keep lines down. We rode escape from Gringotts which was quoted a 4 hr wait-we lucked out. It was only 3 hrs! Yay us 🙂  It was a great ride-4D, fire, water, spinning, coasters, holograms….A+++++




We were pretty beat but made time for Mediterranean-it was so good. A tiny little place somewhere off the path in Orlando. If you ever…go!

The beach time was really great. Lots of quality time with my family. Morning walks on the beach with my sister…it was supposed to be a sunrise walk with coffee, but it happened earlier than I thought! Oh well-we still enjoyed our time! I also spent a lovely day sitting in the ocean with mom. Just a great week.

10498403_10101253786014803_7302381664759548939_o (2)20140717_20171220140717_20061620140717_19435420140716_20304120140716_132059 (1)

We left the beach Friday and headed to Charleston to stay a week with Paul’s family. On our way to SC, we drove across FL to drive up the coast. We stopped in St. Augustine…it was gorgeous! We will definitely be going again sometime to stay. It was very much like a tiny piece of Tortuga! We drove up the coast and found a wonderful surprise…a castle on the beach! I love castles!

Atlantic coast somewhere between GA and Jacksonville

Pretty yummy gourmet pops in St. Augustine!

We are now in Charleston until Thursday. We got to see Paul’s brother Eliot and his wife Claire who live in DC. We spent the whole day together going to breweries and bars! The rest of the week will be spent at the pool, on the boat, and spending time with Paul’s other brother Johnny, his partner Ry, and our niece Willow!

photo 1photo 1 photo IMG_0029 IMG_0032 IMG_0036 IMG_0044 IMG_0018

A couple more days. Can’t believe it! For now…


K + P


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