Why isn’t there an Undo button??


So I had just spent 45 minutes telling you what’s happened so far this week with some GREAT stories and descriptions. And I somehow deleted the WHOLE freaking thing. Really? UUGH. WHY isn’t there an undo button? Why doesn’t it save automatically??? SO, here is the recap.

We are alive. Doing very well. Very well fed. Lot’s of meetings at school this week. Lot’s of freedom to teach/plan/decorate/monitor how I want. Yay.

Went downtown. Shopped, ate. Drank-ladies night, all you can drink, 1,300 yen ($13). Like whoa-great night. Somehow we made it home from downtown on the trains/bus by ourselves 🙂

Temples. Ancient, full of history, beautiful. Swanky coffee bar/cafe (no booze, but treated like it was). I think the owner was Yakuza. Made friends, took pictures.

Drank beer/wine and had pizza and sushi at school last night for official welcome back dinner. Drinking at school. Wowza.

Yummy coffee today at Pelican. Love that place. National holiday so school “closed.” Spent most of the day there. It was nice…my own key-no alarm. Decorated-organized. Getting there.

Yoga-did it at school for the first time today. New art teacher taught it. Very relaxed. Might go again.

Paul fixed dinner. MMM.

See photos below and make your own stories.

IMG_0085 IMG_0083 IMG_0075 IMG_0073 IMG_0072 IMG_0070

Good night. Maybe more pics tomorrow when I don’t feel like throwing my computer and cell phone out the window.



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