Where did February go?

Good Morning!

I haven’t written a post since January…oops. Paul wrote the last one from our trip to Hokkaido. I suppose that counts? It was short and sweet-not my usual long-winded drivel. So perhaps you were due a break.

I think I will just organise this by Month. There has been so much going on and not a lot all at the same time. Life has been pretty calm and normal recently. A few great events have happened since our ski trip, the biggest was seeing my daddy in March!!!!! It’s been too cold still to ride my bike much, and I am almost scared to start again, like that first time. I will have to build up my endurance again and my lazy side is taking over. But, I will do it, never fear. I was on and off yoga for a while too. There were weeks I kept forgetting my clothes, others I had too much to do, or I was too tired or it was cancelled. It’s been cancelled the last 4 weeks, but I think it’s starting back soon. Fingers crossed! So, on to the good stuff!


I will post pictures here from skiing and our trip to Hokkaido that Paul didn’t post. I have never skied before, snow or water. I was amazed at how excited I was more than nervous or scared. I knew if I fell it wouldn’t hurt (thankfully it didn’t) and I knew that I could laugh at myself. I was worried that I wouldn’t be in shape enough though (long history of big girl problems) and that I have problems. HOWEVER, that didn’t stop me and in the end, it was SO MUCH FUN.

We flew to Hokkaido and stayed downtown for the snow festival in Sapporo. The city was nice and the sidewalks made of packed snow surrounded by snow capped mountains. We stayed the night and left early the next morning for a slow train ride on the coast (About 2 hours, maybe less) to catch a bus to our ski resort. The view from the train was amazing because it was snowy and rocky and the waves were crashing alongside the train. Driving on the bus through the curvy mountain roads in the snow was beautiful. As we creeped up the mountain (well, not really…those bus drivers are confident in their snow driving skills…) we could overlook the ocean. Just see the pictures.

We stayed at Kiroro resort which was situated in a valley of several mountains. We had many choices for skiing and I am glad we chose this one. Other areas around the mountains boast great slopes, and pretty good lodging but you had to take a bus to the ski resort each day. Our resort was ski up-so we were on the same property. That was a big deal for me. I didn’t want to spend the days traveling on a bus to and from. Our resort also had everything you needed on campus. Shops, restaurants, bars, arcades…mini town. We were outfitted on site, took ski lessons, at lunch and then just played in the snow.

Lessons were really fun, and we had a great instructor. We were told it would all be in Japanese, but our guy spoke a bit of English, so he tried to talk with us. That was nice, though we could have followed pretty easily anyway. I only fell twice, and the first time I couldn’t get up so I just laid in the snow staring at the perfectly blue sky laughing like a maniac. We were a small group and there were two older ladies and one young guy in addition to Paul and I. The two older ladies were trying to help me up to no avail. I was good and stuck ya’ll…picture this.

Imagine I am kneeling on the ground, sitting on my knees. Then I just lay down, knees still bent. Then, put 4 feet skis on each foot, angled slightly…and you have the position I had gotten myself in. The only way out was to laugh, and unhook my boots from the skis. Then, I got up. And had to try not to slide sideways down the mountain while trying to hook my boots back into the skis. The second time I fell I was able to get back up and the third, almost fall I was by myself on the slope and was trying to stop. Instead of falling, I just went straight into the bank of snow. Easy enough to get out of. Paul only did the 2 hour lesson. We went in for lunch (ramen, yummy!) and I stayed out to ski, alone, without falling, a couple more times. Mission accomplished. It was getting dark, which was cool. And I really enjoyed the ski lift…until I had to get off the ski lift from a low sitting position, while on skis, without falling. I only needed help one time. Thank you very much!

That night we spent listening to a bartender make sweet bluesy music before packing it up the next day. Can’t wait to ski again!


Sapporo brewery-You don’t see brick buildings like these in Japan often. Love it when I do!


Huge (2 floors high) brewing contraption. Circa early 1900s and all copper I believe.


How to make beer in 1900


Mulled wine and Shanghai BBQ


Chocolate stout. So good!


These snow sculptures/replicas are amazing. They are life size ya’ll!


Ran into my friend Izzy!


I think this is my first time seeing snow + ocean? It’s gorgeous! Though I bet that water is freeeeeezing


On the bus driving to our ski resort.


Going up! That view!


Hi! I wish I had the rainbow goggles. Oh well, I found a green outfit (even though I had to mix and match in mens)


No hands! Or poles. They were taken away!


Family slope. Yup, I managed this small hill


This is the view of the small resort shopping/dining area from our hotel window


My instructor! Can’t remember his name, but saw him at the bar later that night! He was great!!!


One of my favourite pictures. Taken from the bus on top of the mountain with the ocean in the back.


1. Night ski 2. This is the bank I got “stuck” in


Love life!!!


All the slopes offered at our resort. Guess which slope we were on? Green? Nope. Yellow? Definitely not. Ok fine…see that tiiiiny pink line on the bottom towards the right side…that was our slope. Those other ways had ants skiing down them I swear they weren’t people. OMG


Piled up snow outside the dining room


The day we left…where’s the road? Glad the bus driver knew…I think.

IMG_3133 IMG_3134 IMG_3138 IMG_3139 IMG_3140 IMG_3155 IMG_3159 IMG_3168 IMG_3184 IMG_3186 IMG_3189 IMG_3206 IMG_3209 IMG_3215 IMG_3216 IMG_3234 IMG_3235 IMG_3245


I think the rest of February was nice too. Our friend Angelo from Chicago visited. It was great seeing a human I knew before 🙂 We went to Yokohama for the day to meet up with him and have some beer. He came back to our house for the night before going off to Osaka on his own. Thanks for the visit Angelo!


I FINALLY saw Mt. Fuji on the train! Yes!!! A group went to climb it in September. They gave up at 3 Am when they were rained on and freezing. I think I will just enjoy the view. From very afar.



Let’s see, also in February was Global Citizenship day which was dreamed up and coordinate by a grade 11 student. I ended up getting involved towards the end to help with scheduling for the primary grades and for the parade of nations. I have always enjoyed these days (obviously since I planned our event at NP for 6 years!). It was amazing to see all nations at school represented with such pride. How to dress up in “traditional” American clothes? Well, when from the south…


Student made flag. Us, in “country” clothes. Best we could do, LOL.

These kids look way cuter!!!

IMG_3288 IMG_3277 IMG_3318

100th day of school and other random photos


Korean BBQ meats to grill. I think there is cow tongue there somewhere….so good!!!


This view from my neighbourhood. 🙂



Beer! I had a hibiscus pink beer. It was good!


We aged ourselves here…and using the app. Like, whoa.


This is how they felt about seeing themselves as 100. Bahahahahaha

Well, I have decided to end this post here. I will start one for March 🙂




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