So…it’s been a long time. I know and I am sorry! I have been lazy this year! I last left you saying to look for a post on the Philippines and here it is! It will mostly be pictures and some notes…as I have forgotten most of the narrative I was working up in my head…it’s been since March after all.

I will preface by saying this: I LOVED the Philippines. It was one of my favourite places to travel. I know I might be slightly biased…I learned to dive here and my nephews are 1/2 Filipino…so it’s a special place in many ways. I loved how the locals mixed with the tourists on our island. Oh, well I guess I should explain the island too…

We flew into Manila and connected to Cebu. We then took a 5 hour private car (so thankful I didn’t do public bus…) to the northern coast of Cebu where we then caught an after-dark boat ride (about 15 minutes) to the small (And I mean small) island of Malapascua. How small? No docks. We pulled right up to the sand and walked the plank to the sand. It took about 35 minutes to walk from tip to tip. That small. It was great! This tiny island is host to divers from around the world and offers some truly amazing waters. The sand, water, weather, people, eco friendly hotel…it was all just perfect for us. So, with that said…here are some pictures. I wish I could have captured more.


The Craic house-hotel’s restaurant. Irish themed…pretty good food! International menu-Great people and vibe. Everyone meets here for breakfast (included in room), before/after dives, lunch and dinner. Play games, listen to music, watch the water. It’s a great spot with hammocks and a breeze.


My dive kit!


A little excited for the sun! It was coooold in Japan still.


Volcano I think…?




Perfection is this. Stunning!


Less stunning…but super happy!!


Pre-dive buddy check…She was an amazing teacher. Alex. A lovely one on one training week (would cost me nearly 1,000 USD in the Caribbean for 1:1. I got lucky I was the only student this day!)


The sunset was brilliant!


Local restaurant-in someone’s home basically. Delish and cheap!


Wanted to take him home with me!


Walking down the local roads. Most tourists blend in with the locals as most are backpackers staying in cheap accommodation alongside locals. All the roads are tiny like this. No cars really…scooters. and feet.


Last night on the island with Alex (scuba teacher) and her boyfriend Dane. She’s from Switzerland and he’s South African. This. I love this about traveling. Meeting people all over the world, from all over the world.


Locals eating fresh shell fish on the beach. That’s our security guard joining in!


Gato island. Our final dive trip-whole day with lunch on the boat. There is a swim through tunnel from end to end on the island…can’t go there as a newbie! But….we went straight to the end of the tunnel where the sharks were. It was AWESOME!!!


A few of the creatures we saw. This is from a local book-I was trying to draw some of them.

Overall…go. It was amazing!

K + P


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