Settling In

Bon Dia from Curacao!

It’s day 3 and we are settling in well. The journey was fairly easy. My parents drove us to Miami Sunday night. We stayed overnight and headed to the airport early Monday morning. Paul and I were on two different flights, so he waited with me and London while we checked in and then we split off. He, on a different airline, went to their waiting area and we (London and I) went on to security. London did sooo great! There were no problems what so ever with him. Proud mamma!


In his carrier resting ๐Ÿ™‚ We did give him some anti-nausea meds. Just in case.


All packed in ready to go. First time flying. Success!


At the vet getting everything verified for travel.



Someone was very happy to have daddy here with us. He passed out when Paul got home.


Morning snuggles. I think we both woke up Tuesday morning saying, “You’re really here!!!!” ๐Ÿ™‚


I timed it right so we only waited about 40 minutes before boarding. It was a nice new place, American Airlines (not my favorite though…) and arrived around 3 pm. Customs was OK…I got grilled because they saw I was staying for 3 months (at the Hilton-school said to put this) and they weren’t convinced that I had enough money to stay that long. Eventually, she stamped me through (luckily, I get my stuff next week…I think).

Then I got my luggage…all is well. The 3 other new teachers were on the same flight. All traveling with pets. We all met on the plane, which was nice. However, this posed a suspicious problem for locals. We had to have our pet paperwork checked out before actually exiting the airport. They also got suspicious of me. Asked questions. I was starting to sweat…well, nerves. It was hot anyway! I was already sweating. Then another teacher walks up with her cat. And the other teacher walks up with her dog. All 3 of us had pets, were staying for 3 months, at the Hilton. On the same plane, from Miami. Curious? Coincidence? We hoped we convinced him is was coincidence. They kept asking if we knew each other and we said, “Nope, met on the plane.” That was true. Maybe we should have told him we all knew each other? Not sure. Oh well…after more suspicious looks, we made it through. That was pretty stressful!

Once through, we all nervously giggled and walked outside to be greeted by several ISC staff with welcome signs and balloons. It was a very nice welcome. We loaded our things in and each of our buddies drove us to our new homes.

My buddy/landlord/co-worker is a native islander who attended school in the US, lived on and off the island over the years, and married a man whom she met in Spain. They are a lovely family. Their 19 year old daughter is obsessed with everything Japanese…so this has been a fun week of talking with her. She heads off to school soon (either in Spain or Holland…I can’t remember).

They have an old golden lab who is deaf…and a blind-in-one-eye London have become friendly. We have lots of space and it was nicely furnished for us. We still have some things to pick up to complete our home, but it’s coming along.

Some pics of the house before we arrived. Will take better ones when we get our stuff out.

Monday night we went back to the airport to collect Paul. He got through customs no problem…but his luggage was still in Miami. Ooops…Incel Air fail. About 20 people were without bags. We picked those up Tuesday night with no problems.

The rest of our time here so far has been in the car being shown the island. Grocery shopping. Sim cards (pay as you go…soooo easy). Car shopping. Some paperwork. And relaxing.

Going to the grocery was exciting…there are two main stores to shop in. One is Dutch only with a bunch of European/Dutch items. The other…some Dutch items and all American stuff. It was sooo easy to find what we wanted-quickly. That’s a nice treat!

We have a bank with a debit card (unlike Japan) so that will be handy. Car shopping is interesting because there aren’t many regulations on cars. So people can make a car look pretty to sell it, then it will crap out on you and then your SOL. So we have to be careful and there are a few people helping to make that work. We are going out today for more car hunting. Can’t get by on the island without one. It’s too hilly, too dusty, too hot for walking (too far apart). Same for biking. So, a car it is. There is a mini cooper, convertible. I want it sooooo bad. Too expensive and also a stick ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I could learn it…but remember the hills? Yeah, not a good idea.

We officially start orientation tomorrow (Friday). All teachers report Monday-Wednesday and school starts next Thursday. There is so much to do…but I am already procrastinating.

Oh, ya’ll, guess what? I just realized this year, this wonderful 2016/17 school year, marks the beginning of my 10th year as a teacher. Amazing, eh? I thought it was my 9th, then I counted again. Crazy changes.

Cheers to 1o years! Celebrating with new schools, adventures, and maybe a new attitude (goal: leave work before 5 everyday!!!) Let’s see if that goal will be a reality. Really, I need to leave by 4. If I leave by 4, I will get home in 15 minutes. If I leave by 4:31 it will take 45 minutes. wow! I’d have to stay until 7 or 7:30 to get a 15 minute drive. Apparently…there is only 1 main road across the island. And everyone is on it. Rush hour. On a two lane road. Not a good mix. So, let’s hope it works out!

That’s it for now! Stay tuned for more and welcome to our little blue lagoon!

Bon ayรณ!
K + P + L

After 2 years of trying to meet up all over the world, my sister in law (Claire) and I finally get together in Miami of all places the night before we left. Great memories!! Can’t wait to see you again…maybe in Curacao!

For my sister’s birthday we did a sister’s trip down to Key Largo for some snorkeling. We had a great time and I really enjoyed spending some quality time with her. It doesn’t happen nearly enough, so these moments are precious to me. Love you Brandie! Check out the awesome pictures my knock-off go-pro took!

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