Turning Corners


It’s been pretty quiet over here for a couple weeks. I have only really heard from Akkiko, the headmaster’s secretary and it’s been about paperwork. Paul’s passport came in, which was exciting. That was last week and I sent off my final documents on Friday. Now, I wait for the Visa paperwork to arrive. Akkiko will turn in the visa application to the local Japanese immigration bureau.  1~2 months later, after their examining work is done, they will issue a certificate of eligibility to us. Once I get them, we will visit Japan’s consulate in Atlanta with the certificate and passport.  They will issue actual visa in our passport.  It will take at least a couple of days. 

Like I said, it’s been quiet except for this bit of information. Then on Thursday I awoke to several emails from NIS-

1) From the technology coordinator I received my official email address and passwords so I could start checking email and communicating with others. This was very exciting and thus far I have had several new interactions with some of the teachers starting in Japan with me. There are 14 of us altogether starting in August. So far, I have met someone from Canada, Colorodo, and Philly…although the teacher from Philly has been at an international school in Venezuela for 3 years. I can’t wait to hear from everyone else!

2) The second email was also from the tech coordinator who set up the sales sight. This is the opportunity to buy items from those teachers leaving NIS/Japan. Only 3 of the 10 sites have items posted, so I am anxiously awaiting the others to be live. So far, I have made purchases of several items (coffee pot, “fireplace” electric heater, a fan, storage, etc). Paul is interested in someone’s scooter…move over Elliot! 🙂 Most of the items will be paid for once I get my first paycheck in Japan. The business office will transfer funds over into the seller’s account for me. Pretty sweet! All the items will either be in our apartment when we arrive or waiting at the school. 

3) The third email was from the headmaster, Matthew. This was a long email with lots of good info. When we were all hired, we filled out a survey which included questions that we wanted answered. Someone at the school compiled a list of FAQs from all of our questions and sent that to us. It is so full of information, my head was rolling! 

4) Matthew wanted to speak to Paul via Skype to see what opportunities might be lining up for him. They spoke Friday night and it seems like are some possibilities 🙂 

By the end of May I should have the following confirmed by NIS:

~Flight information (right now, I believe we are leaving August 4)

~Housing- he said we would be contacted soon to get our preferences, and hopefully we will have our new addresses, photos, and floor layouts by June!

~Car-again, we will be contacted to get our vehicle preferences and start narrowing down our choices!

Finally, I got exciting news from Luci, the coordinator for student support that I will be helping with. We are being sent to a conference in Hong Kong in September…21, 22, and 23. So, it looks like I will be celebrating my 31st birthday in China 🙂 

Everything is moving along-we have 8 days of school left and it will be very bittersweet to pack up. But, I am ready! 

We had a couple look at our house, and they loved it, then they decided to move further north from our area. Oh well, not to worry! It will all work out!!

I am continuing my Japanese lessons and at this point I have so many words floating around my head, with no idea of how to put them together. Lets see… and anything spelled with an “i” is pronounced as a “long e”

I can count. zero, ichi (eeche), ni (nee), san, yon, go, ringo, (I have to stop at 6 for now)

green=midori, blue=ao, red=aka, black-kuru, yellow=kiiro, white=shiro
eat=tabete, sleep=nete,

dog=inu, ookii-large/big, chiisai=small

I have also learned some of the kanji symbols-and trying to remember silly ways to identify them…but sometimes the symbols for sounds look different from the actual word. 

Oh my, I have so much more to go! 

For now, 



Hong Kong!